There are several ways you can participate in the first edition of Maker Faire Zagreb and all these forms of participation are important to us:


Apply as a Maker

First, we invite makers, different creators, masters, artists who create something new, innovative, interesting, with their heart, mind and hands! Check in our post Are you maker? if you, yes you recognize yourself. Join us, share your work and project, show your workshops, talk to others and be inspired, and inspire others! This is a special challenge also for us, because at the first featured Maker Faire Zagreb we want to show all the breadth of makers culture, and we believe there are many that they can not recognize as part of that makers culture. Here we count on your help to spread the word!

Makers DO NOT pay any participation fee. If you have any questions about the process, or concerns about your participation and/or exhibition, ask them here – our Maker Faire Zagreb team will be happy to help out!


Join us as Volunteer

Are you good with people? Technology? Do you have an eye for a photo? Are you a social media wizard or influencer?
This is an opportunity to show your skills too. We invite volunteers to join us, and with greater involvement in organization and implementation, expand your social and communication skills, and complete your experience by participating in organizing this event.


Become a Sponsor

Nothing less important for this dream to happen is to invite sponsors who recognize the importance of this event and are interested in supporting this event, becoming our partner in realizing our ideas, but also getting innovative people who can be involved in their business and future projects . We give you the opportunity to leave a mark for the future and be noted as sponsor of the first featured Maker Faire Zagreb! Check Become a Sponsor  to contact us and we can work together on your participation in this great event!

We all expect you in October at first featured Maker Faire Zagreb event!