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Maker Faire Zagreb, we believe it, can be a matter of regional significance. Even on the first edition in 2019 we reach 11.000 visitors. That was above all our expectation. We bring participants from all over the region, our friends from Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Serbia.


Maker Faire Zagreb, apart from the wide of the regional area, should unite all creative potential in one place and be inspirational for both visitors and participants!


We were not able to bring art attractions from the Netherlands, to give event the best possible publicity, and to the visitors an exceptional experience we expect from the whole region.


Therefore we need your help!


We believe that all we do is of extreme interest to you, our future sponsors!


If you recognize the importance of the above and organize the Maker Faire Zagreb events and want to support it, or the information on this site has caused your interest and you need more information what we can do for you, please let us know!


Contact for more information:

Roberto Vdović +385 91 3755 436
Zrinka Valetić +385 91 5061 831