The one of most important reason why we are organizing Maker Faire Zagreb is to rise awareness of makers culture.  Most people understand, makers are geeks, using digital technology and do something.  But, making is always been a part of people’s life, and most people are makers, although they are not aware of that. Therefore, most challenging for us is to make people understand what is maker and are they maker.

Think of it this way: your dad tinkering with the car – and he’s not even a mechanic, your grandma coming up with the most creative recipes in the kitchen, your neighbor composting and growing amazing garden produce, your mom creating gorgeous handcrafts, your neighbors’ kids building LEGO objects and model planes, your friend programming a silly-looking robot, the friend of your friend who’s a carpenter, your baby sister who makes outfits for her dolls and builds dollhouses, your teacher who make jewelry from trash, the guy down the street who can fix any appliance that gets bust in your house, and you – the talented artist, performer, filmmaker, engineer, science geek.

Anything that can be made, useful, or just fun to make. The toy you didn’t have and built it for yourself. The scarf you knitted because you thought knitting was fun to learn. The decorations you made for family celebrations. The old and unique craft or skill you learned from your ancestors. The video game, or the environment-friendly project you created with your classmates. 

And yes, as times have changed, makers warmly embracing new technologies, electronics, software, 3D printers, and other digital fabrication technologies, and integrating them into the old-fashioned hobby projects, to make for a whole new level of DYI and innovation.

Credits: Morana Pap

If you’ve ever done any of this – CONGRATULATIONS! – Yes, you are a maker! And if you want to show your work to others, we would be happy to join us at Maker Faire Zagreb!

Submit your application NOW and enter the world of MAKER FAIRE.