In 2019, the first Maker Faire Zagreb was organized by FabLab Croatia at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum. The event aligned with the general mission and vision of Maker Faire and the maker culture, opening its doors to all interested parties, both visitors and exhibitors.

The activities and booths offered a diverse range of topics, including 3D printing, education, science, Arduino programming, art and design, electronics, board games, health, open-source programming, robotics, sustainability, nature, engineering, and 3D fabrication.

Some of the exhibitors who made the inaugural MF in Zagreb possible included Bioteka Association (STEM workshops), Industrial High School Zagreb (Vaquform workshop), Institute 404 (3D fabrication workshop), Association for the Promotion of STEM Culture (3D printing workshop), Artitude (sculpture-making workshop), CircuitMess (DIY phone-making workshop), Smartplay (learning through play), CarNET (3D pen workshop), Enchanted Forest – Forgotten World of Croatian Mythical Beings (photo exhibition and stories), makers from Krapina High School (flight simulation workshop), Prigorje Museum (presentation of 3D scanning, modeling, printing), Plastika Trček (3D printing presentation), Croatian Society of Technical Culture (soldering workshop), Mundus Education (learning through interactive technology), Institute of Entrepreneurial Education and Innovation (bioplastic-making workshop), BadBorg Industrial (jewelry-making), Virtualci (Virtual History project presentation), and many others!

You can explore all the exhibitors and their projects on the Maker Faire Zagreb 2019 page –

To give you a sense of the atmosphere in 2019, you can watch videos:

Following the success of the first Maker Faire Zagreb in 2019, the second Maker Faire Zagreb was held in 2020.