This autumn, FabLab is preparing the fifth edition of Maker Faire Zagreb, scheduled for September 30th and October 1st of this year in Sesvete!

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Maker Faire represents a fusion of a scientific and technical fair, a local exhibition, and an entirely new experience. This event gathers diverse enthusiasts from the worlds of technology, craftsmanship, education, art, and engineering. In short, Maker Faire is a gathering place for all those who consider themselves “makers.”

The idea behind the Maker Faire event originated from Make magazine in 2006, in the heart of Silicon Valley, after years of contemplation and initiatives. The main aim of this fair is to look towards the future, bringing together and showcasing individuals and groups of all sizes who explore innovative technologies and forms for the betterment of all. Maker Faire highlights innovation and experimentation in diverse fields such as science, engineering, art, performance, and manual skills.

This gathering attracts intriguing and curious individuals, always ready to learn and share their knowledge. At Maker Faire, creators present their projects and engage with others, with a special emphasis on “do-it-yourself” (DIY) activities that often don’t take the spotlight in traditional art, science, or craft events. This event enables projects and ideas not typically encountered in daily life to take center stage, even if just for two days.

For those involved in similar projects or crafts, Maker Faire offers the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience at the grand fifth Maker Faire Zagreb 2023!

We invite all interested exhibitors to complete the application via the link (…/call-for…/application/) and become part of the maker community. To all curious individuals, we encourage you to reach out to and become part of the organizing team, and of course, we invite all of you to visit us and let your imagination go!