Maker Faire Zagreb 2023 is arriving! On Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1, we are preparing the fifth outstanding

Maker Faire is the largest family festival of invention, creativity, resourcefulness and entrepreneurship sponsored by the organization Make Community from the USA. It represents a gathering of technology enthusiasts of all ages – teachers, craftsmen, hobbyists, members of the scientific community, engineers, science clubs, artists, students and commercial exhibitors.

This year, MFZG wants to bring together projects from all over Croatia, but also international projects from the entire region!
After several years of invitations from our friends from Sesvete, this year’s event will take place in Sesvete. Our desire is to activate the space of the former Sljeme factory, which has been neglected and unused for years, and which has been the subject of our interest for several years, including the subject of research as part of the Centrinno project.