Dear Maker Faire Zagreb friends, last year’s participants and visitors,

This year, 2020, presents various challenges, including the organization of events such as the Maker Faire events around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes in our affairs, private lives, and the organization of various public events. Although we were optimistic until the last minute that we would still be the few who will organize Maker Faire this year, our almost 11,000 visitors at the first features Maker Fiare Zagreb event have become too much of a challenge for this year.

Unfortunately, the security conditions and risk are too great even for half the number of people gathering indoors, so we are not able to organize this event in the premises of the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum as we planned.

However, in line with makers mindset, challenges are an inspiration, and so is this situation in which we find ourselves. Therefore, when we planning of our activities this year such as STEAM Week and Maker Faire Zagreb, we want to take advantage of this challenging situation not only to keep our community active, but also to make this event even better as much as possible.

That is why this year we decided to invite all interested, all last year’s participants, and all self-denying creators to present their project through video content of up to 3 minutes, which would attract all interested and the general public to their work. We believe that in this way we will be able to bring together projects and participants, especially from abroad who would not otherwise be able to participate, and see you if not at the Zadar Maker Faire Festival in April 2021, then at least at the next prominent Zagreb Maker Faire event in October 2021

Therefore, pass this message on to everyone you know who is turning their ideas into valuable projects, to take this opportunity and present their work to a global audience.

For the best projects, which arouse the greatest interest, we are also preparing valuable prizes, in order to really make this situation better.

Roberto Vdović
Maker Faire Zagreb producer