After the challenging 2021, but also the successful Maker Faire Zagreb 2021 on the European Square in a somewhat limited edition, we are returning to the Call for Makers for the 4th edition of Maker Faire Zagreb, which will be held on October 1st and 2nd, 2022, but also in the original space of the first featured Maker Faire Zagreb, in the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb.

As the Call for makers is open, we invite all those interested to apply. We do our best to show as many of your projects as possible, but we are limited by the space of the museum and all other contents in the museum.

We especially invite all new projects, and new participants, to register their innovative works, and the emphasis is, as always, on interaction with visitors, their inclusion in your presentations of their work and workshops for young children and everyone interested.

We are happy that Maker Faire Zagreb was recognized by foreign participants, but also by a wide auditorium who are considered part of the maker culture, not just the scientific or technical community.

Call for Makers is open until September 1, 2022!