Due to COVID situation,  this year’s Maker Faire Zagreb will take place in a limited form – in full accordance with the current epidemiological measures. 

Makers that have announced their participation on this years’ Maker Faire are:


  • University North with drones, 
  • Faculty of Graphic Arts Zagreb (Grafički fakultet Zagreb) with visual installations, 
  • Albert Gajšak and Circuitmess, 
  • Filip Hercig and Mundus, 
  • Scientific FabLab Trieste, 
  • Maker Educator Collective, USA
  • FabLab Belluno, Italy
  • Croatian Robotic Association (Hrvatski robotički savez), 
  • FSB Racing Team with their formula, 
  • Exoot AnimateK, Utrecht
  • Experience Lab Brno and others…


Stay tuned for more!