As part of the preparation for the first Maker Faire in Zagreb (MFZ), we have created our MFZ banner. The concept of MFZ banner is made by, and the design is made by architect Morana Pap, PhD.
The main idea was to make the banner Croatian focused, in a way that it is showing our Croatian identity and influence in the world. So we could say it is both locally and globally relevant. In short, MFZ banner is showing some of the Croatian inventors and their inventions in timeline. The inventors on MFZ banner are: Faust Vrancic, Ruder Boskovic, Ivan Lupis, David Schwarz, Nikola Tesla, Andre Mohorovicic, Slavoljub Penkala, Lavoslav Ruzicka, Stemi team, Albert Gajsak (CircuitMess) and Mundus team. And their inventions are: parachute (homo volans), force theory and substance structure, torpedo, zeppelin, Tesla’s Lab (production, transmission and application of electric power; alternating current), Mohorovicic Discontinuity – The Moho, penkala, the structure of the active components of Pyrethrum cinerariifolium – Dalmatian Buhac plant, Hexabod Robot, Makerbuino and Makerphone, Mundus – World’s Smartest Board Game. More details about inventors and their inventions will be published later, as we will be closer to first Maker Faire Zagreb.
We hope that we have found an interesting way to showcase the history of Makers in Croatia and that we have intrigued most of you to join us on the most ambitious event so far. We are definitely excited and anxiously awaiting for fun and informative gathering, and you?

Visit us and join us in an exciting adventure.